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Today's St. Louis car care article focuses on your suspension. Advanced Auto Service customers need to know that in addition to just wearing out,  suspension components can be damaged in an accident or by a hard impact – like a pothole, hitting a curb or a rock in the road.

Because shocks wear out slowly over time, you don't notice the deterioration in vehicle handling so your vehicle manufacturer and Advanced Auto Service recommend periodic inspections. During an inspection, your ASE Certified Auto technician will check for worn, broken or missing parts.

Signs that shocks or struts are wearing out: The tires may have a cupped wear pattern. This is from the shocks bouncing unevenly as you drive around St. Louis. You may notice a floaty or drifting sensation when cornering. If the front of your vehicle dives excessively when stopping or rocks back and forth after you stopped, your shocks may be worn out. And if they are leaking fluid, it's definitely time to replace them.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, come into Advanced Auto Service for a suspension inspection. Same if you've been in an accident that involved one of your wheels. Worn or broken shocks can cause premature wear or failure on other vehicle suspension parts such as ball joints and other steering components as well. If your suspension actually fails, it could lead to a serious accident, so let us take care of your suspension components at Advanced Auto Service.

When you replace your shocks, it's usually a good idea to replace all four at the same time. That'll give you that "like new" handling, putting the fun back in driving. Talk with your ASE Certified service advisor at Advanced Auto Service because you don't want a big difference between the performance of your shocks from wheel to wheel, and replacing all may be the safest bet along with saving you money.

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